At Old Delta Canoeworks Dacron covering is our specialty. We have developed our own system for filling this material so that it provides a hard durable light weight covering suited to years of service for flat water tripping and touring canoes. Polyester Dacron is a tough synthetic material manufactured for use in the light aircraft industry. When used on a canoe it offers two significant advantages over canvas.

Its low weight is its primary benefit. Replacing traditional canvas on a 16' canoe with Polyester Dacron removes 8 to 10 poundsof weight. This makes it extremely popular with trippers who do a lot of portaging, as well as with small or elderly canoeists who are experiencing difficulty in moving their canoe around on land, or preparing it for transport. The second great advantage of Dacron is its rot resistance, guaranteeing a long worry free life span for your canoe's covering.

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