At Old Delta Canoeworks we make one style of hand crafted paddle. It is based on a design originated by Omer Stringer, a well known Canadian canoeist. These paddles are excellent for both canoe tripping and solo paddling.

The paddles have a shaft of straight grained ash and a blade of book matched black cherry. The cherry is laminated to the shaft with West System epoxy and 3 biscuit joints on each side, to ensure a strong blade. The blade is covered with 3 coats of epoxy and the shaft and blade receive 4 coats of urethane varnish applied by brush. The grip is coated with linseed oil, a finish that is less likely to cause blisters than varnish.



The blades have an unique shape. They are 27" long and 5" wide at maximum width. They taper towards the tip that forms half of a 3" diameter circle. The blades are 3/8" thick and have a thin knife edge. The tip itself is left a bit thicker to give added strength and protection against splitting. These features produce a paddle that is light and efficient , making them outstanding for tripping and solo paddling.

Once the blanks are glued up, all further work and shaping is done with a spoke shave and other hand tools, ensuring that each paddle is individually hand crafted in the traditional manner. We can also customize your paddle with a name or message of your choice.



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