Deck thwart approximate weight: 4 Oz

Deck thwarts, also known as "handles", are small but important thwarts that go between the inwhales just in front of the decks. These act as handles for carrying or moving the canoe around. But most importantly they are used to tie down your canoe for transportation. Since they are bolted to the inwhales they are a much stronger arrangement than the typical rope running through a painter ring in the deck. Car topping a canoe tied to a deck stresses the whole end of the canoe and can eventually loosen the deck from the inwhales. Deck thwarts will avoid these unpleasant problems. Deck thwarts are attached by drilling a hole through the inwhale and the end of the thwart. The thwart is then attached with a silicon bronze bolt. The thwarts are 3/4" thick and are available in oak, ash or black cherry. All are carefully crafted, sanded, and have 5 coats of spar varnish applied.

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